Ales and Tales – 5th Anniversary Celebration

Green Dragon Inn
Please join us for the 5th anniversary of “Ales and Tales”, presented by the Lonely Mountain Band, tonight at 9:30pm EDT/servertime on Landroval. Meet at the Green Dragon Inn in Bywater, in the Shire. Celebrate with ale, pipe-weed, fireworks, fine music and fellowship. Nibbles and Nobs begins at 8:30pm.
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Storyteller’s Festival – Sept 13 at 4pm EDT

Storyteller's Festival
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Weatherstock 2014 Winners

Weatherstock 2014 Crowd

Congratulations to the bands who performed at Weatherstock! This year’s event broke attendance records, entertaining a crowd of over 750 music fans, both at Weathertop and through three livesteam events.

Here are the winners from each category:

Best Dressed:
The Remediators (1st), Breakfast Club (2nd), and The Shades (3rd)

Lonely Mountain Band Cup:
The Shades (1st), Breakfast Club (2nd), and The Remediators (3rd)

People’s Choice Award:
A Rock And A Hard Place (1st), Die Meisterbarden von Bree (2nd), and the Runic Knights Orchestra (3rd)

Thank you to everyone who attended! Many thanks to the bands who lifted our spirits and gave us something to dance to. Extra thanks to dozens of volunteers from the Lonely Mountain Band who made this event possible. Special thanks to Sapience and Turbine for the prizes, troll patrol, and live streaming. We hope to see you all at next year’s battle of the bands!

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Weatherstock Schedule

Here is the full schedule of events. All times are EDT/servertime on Landroval.

11:30am – The LMB Mega Band plays at the Forsaken Inn.
1:00pm – Mounted Procession to Weathertop (standard steeds at walk)
1:20pm – LMB Mega Band plays while people gather at the top.
2:00pm – The Bands
    * Under The Sunlit Sky
    * The Shades
    * The Rolling Kegs
    * Runic Knights Orchestra
    * The Breakfast Club
    * Die Meisterbarden Von Bree
    * A Rock And A Hard Place
    * Muckin Fuddle
    * Notenzauber
    * The Remediators
4:30pm – LMB Mega Band Closing Set
5:00pm – Closing Ceremonies
5:30pm – Mounted Procession to Bree

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Weatherstock 2014

Weatherstock 2014
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Bree Championship Cup Race Course

The Bree Championship Cup is the most prestigious race in all Bree-land. Eighteen riders must prove themselves in other races to receive an invitation. With the latest wave of Breelanders moving away from rural farmlands for a chance of greater safety and prosperity, the city has become too crowded to race horses down the cobblestone streets. The Bree Cup has been moved to Hengstacer Farm. Here is a preview of the course.
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