April 18th – 24th, all Riding Traits are 20% off in the LOTRO store. Pay from 796 to 2,396 Turbine Points.

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Spring Racing Carnival – Saturday, May 17 on Landroval – Calling all bands and volunteers!

It’s time to organize this year’s Spring Racing Carnival, an equestrian extravaganza with fun and prizes. We’re looking for bands who would like to perform at this day-long gathering in the Shire and Bree-land.
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Formation Riding Team at the Carnival Ride

Here is the Windy Acres Ranch Formation Riding Team performing at the Carnival Ride at the Horsefields of Bree-land in March, 2014 on the Landroval server. The riders are Brenthiel, Lhinnthel, Lifebringer, and Lindenel. This is their most challenging routine to date. Click here to download the MP4 (141mb at 640×360) or here to download the WMV (409mb at 1280×720).

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Equestrian Poems From An Unexpected Vidcast

Pashbo Proudfeet brings us An Unexpected Vidcast Episode 38, with two wonderful poems about horse racing. An Unexpected Vidcast is a weekly show dedicated to LOTRO, mixing music, poems, lore and general good fun. Enjoy!

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Secret of the Cold Spirits Revealed!

Windy Acres Ranch hosted their third solve-a-mystery roleplay event on Saturday, the 15th of March. “Die Meisterbarden von Bree” and “The Remediators” arrived to play amazing, mystery-themed music. Fireworks sparkled high in the sky to welcome arriving guests. Nine actors played key roles in the story, revealing clues to skilled investigators. Each participant tried to discover who kidnapped Mr. Marlow Toper and piece together a motive. Read further to discover the Secret of the Cold Spirits!

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Solve-a-Mystery Investigator’s Guide

Greetings, investigators!

The solve-a-mystery roleplay event is this Saturday at 4:00pm EDT/servertime on Landroval. Meet at Windy Acres — 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads. Here are some tips that can help you win the grand prize of 1,500 Turbine Points!

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