Rider Interview – Sidhil

The Windy Acres Formation Riding Team has started training for their next performance, a Mardi Gras show scheduled for March 1st. We met with Sidhil after this week’s training session to ask a few questions about life as an upcoming equestrian star.


Who are you and where are you from?
“Serenity from Connecticut!”

What is your favorite horse’s name and breed?
“It’s a close call between two and I have neither but my favorites are the Prized Ost Dunhoth Great-horse and Steed of the Champion. For different reasons of course!”

What do you like best about formation riding?
“Aside from the amount of teamwork and memorization required, I find it to be almost hypnotic to watch. I knew of formation riding but had never considered how much technical knowledge and patience went into the sport. It would be something I would try riding outside of the game!”

What is the biggest equestrian event you have participated in?
“I’m rather new to LotRO still so I’ll use a real life experience. In college, I was on the western riding team and my school typically hosted shows. Not only did we need to be dressed and ready for our classes, we had to prepare all the school horses and manage sharing the responsibility of holding the waiting horses. I showed successfully with good marks and overall had a great time!”

How do you train before a performance?
“Much the way I do in the ring outside of game, I show up between practices and run through the steps on horse back. I find that just looking at a the patterns on paper doesn’t help me as much as feeling the patterns in real time.”

Are you nervous about the upcoming Mardi Gras show?
“Naturally! I’ve never ridden formation riding before and I’d hate to be the person unable to get their horse quickly from a walk to canter and back… I trust our team managers though! We’ll be great.”

What are your racing strengths and weaknesses?
“Eh… A strength would be that I’m very spatially aware? I think I’m pretty sensitive to geometrics. On the flip side… I guess I’m fairly intolerant of when I forget something or slip up. I up my personal practice time when I mess up!”

What advice would you give to new, inexperienced riders?
“Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s probably a little cliche but it helps get everyone on the same page.”

Is there anything else you would like everyone to know about you?
“I’m a pretty friendly and talkative person so feel free to hit me up if you see me around! *smiles*”

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  1. Sidhil says:

    Thank you, Kira! Looking forward to riding with you all again :)

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